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Anthology, Published Mar 2008

“The Triangle Area Freelancers have just given us the gift of a great read. With the publication of A Taste of Taffy, an anthology of twenty-six short essays, these talented writers have offered a wonderful sampling on culture, humor and reflection. The reader can choose from a diversity of topics from martial arts to home breweries to cathedral ruins, and each selection is valuable for information, for chuckles, or heart tugs.

My favorites include first, those that moved me: ‘Attila the Fifth Grader,’ by Dara Lyon Warner; ‘Just a Field,’ by Sue Anger Barnett; ‘Grandma’s Hands,’ by Kristy Stevenson; and ‘Battling an Eating Disorder, by Buddy Howard. As well, I was fascinated with ‘Chickens Go Urban,’ by Anita B. Stone; ‘The Dog That Helped Save Berlin,’ by Donald Vaughan; and ‘The Penguin Lady,’ by Linda Hill. As a parent, I grinned along with Patrick Repper in his ‘In the Wii Hours.’

And if those titles don’t grab you, there is so much more! Pick up a copy soon, and savor these tasty offerings. You might find yourself becoming a writer just to have the fun these folks are obviously having.”

Review by Cynthia Barnett – Former Executive Director, The North Carolina Writers’ Network

“At its core good nonfiction writing allows the reader to connect with the topic at hand in a very real and personal way. A Taste of Taffy does this from so many different and unique perspectives. In this delightful collection of essays there is something that every reader can relate to.

As a parent I was profoundly touched by Buddy Howard’s story about his daughter’s troubling health crisis, ‘Battling an Eating Disorder.’ In that same vein, as a parent, I laughed out loud while reading Dan Bain’s ‘Poker Face.’ In the irreverent tone, not unlike that of David Sedaris, Bain shares a difficult parenting moment with great insight and humor. I also enjoyed ‘In the Wii Hours’ by Patrick Repper. Having heard these tales from parents I know, it was fun to read an actual account of something I surmised was urban legend. Kristy Stevenson’s beautiful description in ‘Grandma’s Hands is proof that the best creative nonfiction is in the minute details of life, ones we often overlook our busy daily lives. Mark Cantrell’s truisms in ‘Stuff I’ve Learned’ are a fitting and fun way to end the wonderful collection.

I highly recommend A Taste of Taffy to anyone who is looking to connect with the world around them. It’s a lovely collaboration that highlights the fact that life it truly made up of moments like these…”

Review by Amanda Lamb – Author of Smotherhood, Deadly Dose, and Evil Next Door

Anthology, Published May 2011

Beyond the Diaper Bag is the second book in the Beyond Books series. It is a collection of stories, tips, inspirational moments and helpful tips from real moms across the globe. This book covers all topics from pregnancy through kindergarten; it’s everything you wish someone had told you before you had kids.

From humorous mishaps to invaluable information, this book is a must have and makes the perfect baby shower gift. 100% of the authors’ proceeds are donated directly to The Mommies Network, a national non-profit organization that helps and supports moms free of charge.

“When setting out to write a review for Beyond the Diaper Bag, I was expecting to crack open another How-To baby book filled with do’s and don’ts. What is bound between these 311 pages is as far removed from a typical baby book as you can get. I was pleasantly surprised to find a collection of poems, and anecdotes. These are filled with advice, encouragement, and hilarity from women who have been down the same journey called motherhood.”

Review by Amy Dell – Blogger at “Our Family World”


Anthology, Published October 2012

This collection of works includes fiction, nonfiction and poetry from the 2012 Meredith College summer session of Focusing on Form.